Task Group Research Software

From 2016 to 2018 the Task Group operated under the name “Access to and Reuse of Research Software”. Since 2019 the Task Group continues to operate as the “Task Group Research Software”.

With software solutions becoming increasingly indispensable in the process of acquiring scientific knowledge, the sustainable use of research software must be integrated into good research practice. The development of source code is an intellectual achievement and part of a creative process; from this viewpoint, software becomes executable knowledge.

In the spirit of open science, the sustainable development of and the access to and re-use of research software – in conjunction with textual publications and the associated research data – are the basis for replicability, verifiability, and reproducibility of research results.

The Task Group Research Software of the Open Science Working Group of the Helmholtz Association is dedicated to the topic of Open Research Software and addresses, among others, the following aspects:

  • Incentives and Metrics
  • Software development and documentation practice
  • Strategies for accessibility, publication, and transfer
  • Infrastructures
  • Archiving
  • Quality assurance
  • Licensing and other legal issues
  • Training and education
  • Guidelines

Products of the Task Group

Conferences and Meetings

  • Open-Access-Tage 2018, Graz. Poster: „Zugang zu und Nachnutzung von wissenschaftlicher Software“ (Posteravailable in German only)
  • Digital Infrastructures for Research 2018, Lissabon. Vortrag: „Skills for dealing with research software as an element of open science“ (Abstract & Slides)
  • Third conference of Research Software Engineers, Birmingham. Vortrag: „Dealing with research software: recommendations for best practices“ (Abstract; Slides)

Members of the Task Group

  • Dr. Felix Bach, KIT
  • Dr. Wolfgang zu Castell, HMGU
  • Dr. Michael Denker, FZJ
  • Ants Finke, HZB
  • Dr. Bernadette Fritzsch, AWI
  • Martin Hammitzsch, GFZ
  • Dr. Uwe Konrad, HZDR
  • Dr. Yvonne Leifels, GSI
  • Dr. Christoph Möhl, DZNE
  • Dr. Marco Nolden, DKFZ
  • Dr. Markus Scheinert, GEOMAR
  • Tobias Schlauch, DLR
  • Thomas Schnicke, UFZ
  • Dr. Dirk Steglich, HEREON

Guest Experts

  • Oliver Bertuch, FZJ
  • Dr. Stefan Dinkelacker, DKFZ
  • Kerstin Mohns-Pöschke, FZJ
  • Ute Schelhaas, FZJ

Contact Person from the Helmholtz Open Science Office

  • Dr. Heinz Pampel

Former Members of the Task Group

  • Dr. Reinhard Messerschmidt, Helmholtz Open Science Office
  • Kaja Scheliga, Helmholtz Open Science Office
  • Prof. Dr. Markus Diesmann (Representative: Dr. Torsten Bronger), FZJ
  • Holger Haas (Representative: Erik Bernstein), DKFZ
  • Prof. Dr. Alice McHardy (Representative: David Lähnemann), HZI
  • Andreas Schreiber, DLR
  • Dr. Thomas Wieser, UFZ


  • from April 2016 onwards