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Helmholtz in the NFDI

Numerous consortia of the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI) are realized with substantial Helmholtz participation.

With the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI), the federal and state governments of Germany are pursuing the goal of systematically making research data resources available to the German science system in accordance with FAIR principles. The NFDI is being established as a network of disciplinary consortia over a period of three years in three successive funding phases. Coverage of cross-disciplinary topics is also a key focus of the NFDI.

Participation of the Helmholtz centers in the NFDI consortia

With funding since October 2020:

  • DataPLANT: Plant research data – FZJ
  • GHGA: German Human Genome–Phenome Archive – CISPA, DKFZ, DZNE, Helmholtz Munich, HZI, MDC
  • NFDI4BioDiversity: Biodiversity, Ecology and Environmental Data – AWI, UFZ
  • NFDI4Cat: NFDI for sciences related to catalysis – KIT
  • NFDI4Chem: Chemistry consortium for the NFDI – KIT, UFZ
  • NFDI4Health: NFDI personal health data – MDC
  • NFDI4Ing: NFDI for Engineering Sciences – FZJ, DLR, KIT

With funding since October 2021:

  • DAPHNE4NFDI: Data from PHoton and Neutron Experiments for NFDI – DESY, FZJ, HZB, HZDR, HEREON, KIT
  • FAIRmat: FAIR Data Infrastructure for Condensed-Matter Physics and the Chemical Physics of Solids – FZJ, HZB, HZDR, KIT
  • NFDI4DataScience: NFDI for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence – AWI
  • NFDI4Earth: NFDI Consortium Earth System Sciences – AWI, DLR, FZJ, GEOMAR, GFZ, HEREON, KIT, UFZ
  • NFDI4Microbiota: NFDI for Microbiota Research – DLR, FZJ, GFZ, Helmholtz Munich, HZI, MDC, UFZ
  • NFDI-MatWerk: National Research Data Infrastructure for Materials Science and Materials Engineering – FZJ, HEREON, KIT
  • PUNCH4NFDI: Particles, Universe, NuClei and Hadrons for the NFDI – DESY, DLR, FZJ, GSI, HZDR, KIT
  • Text+: Language and text-based research data infrastructure – FZJ

With funding from March 2023:

  • FAIRagro: FAIR Data Infrastructure for Agrosystems – FZJ, UFZ
  • NFDI4BIOIMAGE: National research data infrastructure for microscopy and bioimage analysis – DKFZ, UFZ, FZJ
  • NFDI4Energy: National Research Data Infrastructure for Interdisciplinary Energy System Research – GFZ/RIFS, KIT
  • NFDI4Immuno: National Research Data Infrastructure for Immunology – DKFZ, HZI
  • NFDI4Objects: Research Data Infrastructure for the Material Remains of Human History – UFZ
  • NFDIxCS: National Research Data Infrastructure for and with Computer Science – KIT, FZJ
  • Base4NFDI: Basic Services for NFDI