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Helmholtz Open Science Forum: Publication Cost Management

September 14, 2022, 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.


On September 14, 2022, the Helmholtz Open Science Office hosted a Helmholtz Open Science Forum on publication cost management. The virtual event was dedicated to the challenges of recording and analyzing publications and costs in the context of the open access transformation. Strategies and practices of the Helmholtz libraries in this field of action were highlighted.


10:00-10:10WelcomeRoland Bertelmann, Helmholtz Open Science Office
10:10-10:30Informationsbudget – Hintergrund und KonzeptHeinz Pampel, Helmholtz Open Science Office
10:30-10:50Publikationskostenmanagement – Verwaltung und Monitoring am FZJ

Irene Barbers, FZJ

10:50-11:10Publikationskostenmanagement – Verwaltung und Monitoring am KITMichael Normann, KIT
11:20-11:40Publikationskostenmanagement – Verwaltung und Monitoring am GFZ 

Marcel Meistring, GFZ

Diana Otto, GFZ

11:40-12:00DFG-Projekt OpenCostLisa-Marie Stein, DESY
12:00-12:30Concluding discussion: Further steps


Roland Bertelmann, Helmholtz Open Science Office


Ferguson, L. M., Barbers, I., Bruch, C., Bertelmann, R., Meistring, M., Normann, M., Otto, D., Pampel, H., Schrader, A. C., Schultze-Motel, P., Stein, L.-M., Weisweiler, N. L. (2022): Helmholtz Open Science Forum: Publikationskostenmanagement. Helmholtz Open Science Briefing. Version 1.0, (Helmholtz Open Science Briefing), Potsdam: Helmholtz Open Science Office.
https://doi.org/10.48440/os.helmholtz.053 (German only)


Heinz Pampel

Scientific Consultant Helmholtz Open Science Office