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5th Helmholtz Open Science Forum: Research Software

February 05, 2024, 12:00 p.m. to February 06, 2024, 13:00 p.m.


The 5th Helmholtz Forum Research Software was jointly organized by the Task Group Research Software of the WG Open Science and the Helmholtz Open Science Office.

Previous Helmholtz Forum Research Software event were held in May 2021, April 2022, November 2022, and May 2023.


Time Program Speaker
Monday, February 5, 2024  
12:00–12:45 Lunch snack  
12:45–13:00 Welcome and organizational matters  
13:00-13:10 Report from Helmholtz Open Science Forum "Open Science and Transfer" Christoph Bruch, Helmholtz Open Science Office
13:10–14:30 OSPOs at Helmholtz Centers - Overview of state of play Vladimir Voroshnin, HZDR
14:30-15:00 Break  
15:00–15:15 Helmholtz Incubator Software Award Lena Messerschmidt, Helmholtz Open Science Office
15:15-15:30 HZDR decision graph software licensing Uwe Konrad, HZDR
15:30-15:45 From here to there - a long journey to and institute's software policy (cancelled) Bernadette Fritzsch, AWI
15:45-16:00 EOSC-EVERSE: Paving the way towards a European Virtual Institute for Research Software Excellence Guido Juckeland, HZDR
16:00-16:20 Support Services: News from HIFIS Tobias Huste, HZDR
16:20-16:40 Support Services: DLR research data / software archive Tobias Schlauch, DLR
16:40-17:00 Support Services: HiRSE_PS - state of play René Caspart, KIT
ab 18:00 (OPTIONAL) Dinner  
Tuesday, February 6, 2024  
09:00–09:30 Helmholtz Research Software Directory Christian Meeßen, GFZ
09:30-10:00 Heliport Tobias Huste, HZDR
10:00-10:30 Building Scalable Time Series Data Infrastructures David Schäfer, UFZ
10:30–11:00 Break  
11:00–11:30 EU Cyber Resilience Act Tobias Schlauch, DLR
11:30-12:00 Joint Open-Software Development with Industry Alexander Krimm, GSI
12:00-12:30 Closing Discussion  
12:30–13:00 Lunch (optional)  
13:00–14:30 (OPTIONAL) BoF: Reusable CI/CD Templates und Workflows in Gitlab  


Bruch, C., Messerschmidt, L., Abbrent, M., Caspart, R., Fritzsch, B., Huste, T., Juckeland, G., Konrad, U., Krimm, A., Meeßen, C., Schäfer, D., Schlauch, T., & Voroshnin, V. (2024). Helmholtz Open Science Briefing: 5th Helmholtz Open Science Forum: Research Software. Helmholtz Open Science Office. https://doi.org/10.48440/os.helmholtz.074


Christoph Bruch

Open Science Officer