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OA Datenpraxis

The project OA Datenpraxis supports the development of structures for the open access transformation at research institutions in Germany. The focus is on promoting and establishing processes and procedures for sovereign data practice in shaping the open access transformation.

The project supports practitioners in administration, libraries and other service institutions in professionalizing their data practices by promoting the organization, networking and standardization of processes through a coordinated approach.

Project goals

With regard to the open access transformation, the project pursues the following objectives:

  1. improving data-driven administration

  2. strengthening collaborations

  3. developing standards for collaborative data practices

  4. minimizing dependencies on commercial data sources

  5. improving information services

Through surveys, analyses, validations and operational recommendations, OA Datenpraxis makes a central contribution to the future development of supra-regional availability of information in Germany.

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  • 2024 - 2026

Project partners

Funded by:


Heinz Pampel

Scientific Consultant Helmholtz Open Science Office