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Task Group Research Software

Goals of the Task Group

The Task Group Research Software of the Helmholtz Association's Open Science Working Group is dedicated to the topic of Open Research Software and addresses the following aspects, among others:

  • Incentives and metrics
  • Software development and documentation practices
  • Accessibility, publication and transfer strategies
  • Infrastructures
  • Archiving
  • Quality assurance
  • Licensing and other legal issues
  • Education and training
  • Guidelines and directives


Ongoing since April 2016.

Members of the Task Group

  • Rene Caspart, KIT
  • Michael Denker, FZJ
  • Ants Finke, HZB
  • Bernadette Fritzsch, AWI
  • Christian Meeßen, GFZ
  • Uwe Konrad, HZDR
  • Yvonne Leifels & Andrew Mistry, GSI
  • Christoph Möhl, DZNE
  • Marco Nolden, DKFZ
  • Markus Scheinert, GEOMAR
  • Tobias Schlauch, DLR
  • Ronny Gey, UFZ
  • Dirk Steglich, HEREON

Contact person from the Helmholtz Open Science Office

Christoph Bruch

Open Science Officer