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About us

The mission of the Helmholtz Open Science Office is to promote the cultural change towards open science. The office, established by the Helmholtz Association in 2005, sees itself as a service provider that supports the community in shaping the cultural change towards open science. The Helmholtz Open Science Office is a partner of all stakeholders involved in this process within Helmholtz.


For questions or suggestions, please contact us via open-science@helmholtz.de

Postal Address


Helmholtz Open Science Office

c/o Helmholtz-Zentrum Potsdam Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum GFZ


14473 Potsdam


Visiting address

Helmholtzstraße 6

14467 Potsdam

Building H 6


Roland Bertelmann

Head of Helmholtz Open Science Office

Christoph Bruch

Open Science Officer

Steffi Genderjahn

Open Science Officer

Marcel Meistring

Open Science Officer

Heinz Pampel

Scientific Consultant Helmholtz Open Science Office

Antonia C. Schrader

Open Science Officer | Currently on parental leave

Leonie Voland

Student Assistant

Former Colleagues