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re3data COREF

re3data is an internationally recognized registry for research data repositories, which currently lists more than 2700 repositories for research data. The openly accessible service was developed as part of two projects funded by the German Research Foundation (2012-2016) and is utilized by researchers and services worldwide. Scientific communities, funding organizations, research institutions, and services rely on the up-to-date and precise descriptions in the registry and refer to re3data as a trustworthy source.

The main goal of the re3data COREF project (Community Driven Open Reference for Research Data Repositories) is the further professionalization of re3data and the provision of reliable and customizable descriptions of research data repositories: re3data will provide the core descriptions of the repositories that can be referenced and cited by users in a practicable manner and that are suitable for permanent identification. This includes, in particular, the unique identification for the automated exchange between services (M2M), which has not yet been employed. For this purpose, the existing technical platform will be further developed in order to facilitate the reuse of information on research data repositories at a high qualitative level. As part of the project, funding institutions and publishers are also specifically being addressed to integrate re3data into their respective guidelines and to promote the use of suitable and trustworthy repositories that follow the FAIR principles.

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  • 2020

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