Research Data Repositories and Portals in the Helmholtz Association

The Helmholtz Open Science Office has been actively involved in the operation of re3data - Registry of Research Data Repositories since 2012. This global service offers researchers, funding organizations, and other stakeholders an overview of digital research infrastructures for making research data accessible. As of August 2021, the directory lists over 2,700 repositories, databases, and portals. Funding organizations, such as e.g., the European Commission, recommend the service to researchers for implementing the Open Science funding conditions of Horizon 2020. re3data also provides information for the Open Science Monitor of the European Commission. Since January 2020, the registry is being further developed as part of the DFG project re3data COREF.

List of Research Data Repositories and Portals with Participation from the Helmholtz Association

The following list documents the research data repositories and portals in the Helmholtz Association. Further information can be found in the re3data registry.

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