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RDA Germany Conference 2023

February 13 to 17, 2023

The RDA Germany Conference is an annual week-long conference to promote exchange among the RDA DE community and to help make data reuse more efficient.

The RDA Deutschland Tagung 2023 of the RDA-Deutschland e.V. will take place this year from February, 13 to 17, 2023, again as an online event. 

The program and registration, which is open as of now, can be found via the event page: https://indico.desy.de/event/37011/ (and you can go straight to the registration via: https://indico.desy.de/event/37011/registrations/5116/). 

Registration for the conference is free and open to all interested parties. As last year, the Helmholtz Open Science Office is co-organizing the conference and is responsible for a number of sessions, including: 

For more information, please also visit the RDA DE website: https://www.rda-deutschland.de/events/rda-de-2023

We look forward to your participation!