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Helmholtz Open Science Office on Mastodon

The Helmholtz Open Science Office is now also represented on Mastodon under the handle @HelmholtzOpenScienceOffice@helmholtz.social.

We are looking forward to a lively exchange with new and familiar people there. Follow us!

Background: Mastodon is an open-source microblogging platform similar to Twitter. It received a lot of attention as an open source alternative to Twitter after Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter, especially from people and institutions working in science and culture.

The main difference between the platforms is that Twitter is centrally controlled by a single company, while Mastodon is decentralized. This means that individuals or organizations can set up a server (called an instance) and host users on it. More information on current developments can be found, among other things, in the "Fediverse and Science" themed cast series launched by TIB (in German).