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Report published: Scholar-Led Publishing at Helmholtz

On April 13, 2023, the Helmholtz Open Science Forum "Scholar-Led Publishing at Helmholtz" took place with great participation of the Association. The documentation of the event with the presentation slides of all speakers has now been published:

Ferguson, L. M., Meistring, M., Bertelmann, R., van Edig, X., Elm, J., Lexis, H., Milius, S., Bauin, S., Schwennsen, F., Singstad, B.-J., Tobias, R., Tsoukala, V. (2023): Helmholtz Open Science Forum “Scholar-Led Publishing at Helmholtz”, (Helmholtz Open Science Briefing), Potsdam : Helmholtz Open Science Office, 119 p.

Detailed information on the event, the programme, and contact information can be found here: