Task Group for the Implementation of the Guidelines on Research Data

Members of the Task Group

  • Dr. Gisbert Breitbach, HEREON
  • Maik Fiedler, HZDR
  • Dr. Christian Langenbach, DLR
  • Sören Lorenz, GEOMAR
  • Dr. Michael Rosemann, HMGU
  • Tobias Schlauch, DLR
  • Ines Schmahl, FZJ

Contact person from the Helmholtz Open Science Office

  • Dr. Christoph Bruch

Former Members of the Task Group

  • Dr. Eva-Maria Gerstner, FZJ
  • Dr. Jutta Graf, DLR
  • Dr. Hans Pfeiffenberger, AWI


  • ​from March 2018 onwards