Open Access Green

Open Access Green characterizes the free access to quality-assured text publications (postprints) in an institutional or disciplinary open access repository. Preprints, published before quality assurance in order to enable an immediate discussion of research results, constitute a special feature of Open Access Green.

The Helmholtz Centers operate institutional open access repositories on which scientific publications - in the sense of open access - are made freely accessible. These repositories are maintained by the Helmholtz libraries as part of their publication management.

Additionally, open access publications are integrated into subject-specific information supplies. The open access publications of the Helmholtz Centers can also be found via research services such as OpenAIRE.

In addition to promoting the networking among and standardizing of the Helmholtz repositories, the Helmholtz Open Science Office addresses e.g., legal aspects in the implementation of the path of Open Access Green.

Designing author contracts to be open access friendly 

To further open access, Helmholtz scientists are advised not to surrender exclusive rights of use to publishers; in this manner, the self-archiving of publications in the institutional repositories is to be ensured. Some Helmholtz Centers ask their scientists to make use of an open access addendum. Example text blocks by individual Centers can be found here: