Implementing Open Science

In order to promote open science in the Helmholtz Centers, the Helmholtz Open Science Office actively engages in dialogue with stakeholders in science, administration, and service facilities such as libraries, data and computer centers. Regularly occurring workshops, lectures, discussions, and frequent publications provide information about the opportunities and challenges of open science.

Information is specifically provided for those who interact with open science day-to-day within their activities; the focus lies on e. g., implementation strategies, technical aspects, business models, and legal issues. In addition to personal information exchanges, f. i., in the context of the regular Helmholtz Open Science online seminars, this dialogue is also maintained via the Helmholtz Open Science Office’s mailing list.

In addition, the Helmholtz Open Science Newsletter provides information on current developments in the field of open science, with a special focus on activities relevant to Helmholtz. The newsletter is aimed both at members of the Helmholtz Centers and external interested parties; it appears at least quarterly.