Open access webinar for Helmholtz Ph.D. students

During the international Open Access Week 2015, the Helmholtz Open Science Coordination Office will offer a free webinar for Ph.D. students of the Helmholtz Association entitled „Science is open: an introduction to open access“. Interested Helmholtz Ph.D. students are invited to participate in an introductory web seminar on open access and ask questions live on the internet. We are planning the webinar for Tuesday, 20 October 2015, 3 to 3.30 pm, with a rerun on Thursday, 22 October 2014, 11 to 11.30 am. Participation: To participate in the webinar from your desk, you will need a computer with internet connection and loudspeakers and a current web browser with Adobe Flash Player installed. Registration for the webinar has closed. Contact: Dr. Paul Schultze-Motel, Helmholtz Open Science Coordination Office Presentation slides (PDF)